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Whether you’re ready to uplevel your career, improve your customer & employee experience, or find the perfect solution for your next event . . . you’re in the right place.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Whether you’re looking to advance your own career or want to bring your leaders up to the next level, you’re in the right place. Most popular topics include:

Leadership Development | Executive Presence | Delivering Dynamic Presentations | Securing Your Next Promotion | Confidence & Charisma | Communication & More . . .

Organizational Development

Organizational Development

We’ll work with you to create a customized solution for your biggest goals and challenges. Popular topics include:

Creating an Outstanding Customer Experience | Executive Team Building | Leadership Excellence | Performance Management | Employee Effectiveness | Productivity & Engagement

Keynotes and Workshops

Keynotes and Workshops

Hiring a speaker for your event is an incredible responsibility. You want the right speaker who understands & delivers the essence of your message, engages your audience, and drives them to take action. Whatever your need, I’ll develop a customized program for you.

Keynotes | Breakout Sessions | Offsite Retreats | Facilitation | Team Events |Training & More

Support for HR Professionals

Support for HR Professionals

Whether you’re looking to secure PDC credits, resources for your organization’s initiatives and challenges, or just the right event speaker, we’ve created this section especially for you.

We understand the challenges of being an HR professional. So we’ve even included a section dedicated to helping you replenish your personal reserves and “work-life balance,” so you can build your career without sacrificing what matters most.

Typical Results Gained by Working with Us . . .

There really is a business case for Bliss, as Lisa illustrates with evidence based research in her best-selling book, Practical Bliss: The busy person’s guide to happiness.

Can you imagine ushering more success into your professional (and personal) life by doing more of what makes you happy? Contact us about keynotes and interactive workshops for your audience.

Greater Odds in Favor of Your Career Advancement

They say luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or work for an organization, your odds for the advancement of your career are dramatically increased when you’ve invested in your professional development.

This includes everything from boosting your emotional intelligence to engaging your “audience” when pitching ideas, sharing information, motivating a team, or promoting your products and services.

There are multiple entry points to professional development, here are just a few. Remember, we customize every solution to fit your exact needs––use these topics for inspiration!

  • Developing executive presence: for those who are reaching to achieve the role or those who want to ensure they’ll keep it
  • Leading through influence: which especially applies to those who need to gain buy-in when they don’t hold the title of leader
  • Communicating with confidence & charisma: great for career/ business advancement and your personal relationships too!
  • Ensuring your physical presence is aligned with the perception you want to create: body language, facial expression, dress, pitch & tone of voice, and more!
  • Powerful presentation skills: on stage, on air, online, or in a meeting, mastering the art of delivery is one of the best ways to gain credibility and establish your expertise
  • Leadership development for all levels: There’s no better way to motivate a team to excellence then to show up as a great leader. For current and aspiring leaders at all levels
Significantly Improved Employee and Leader "A Team" Retention

Your most productive, engaged, and talented team members and leaders will only stick around for the long haul when they feel valued, challenged, and part of a “winning” team.

Are you doing everything possible to ensure that the culture of your organization is one that inspires the best of the best to stick around and stay engaged?

There are several ways to start making great strides towards retaining your top talent. Here are just a few options to choose your starting point:

  • Establish cultural excellence. Ensure your culture is clearly defined and lived up to on a daily basis. In other words, you and your entire organization have got to walk the talk and earn trust and loyalty. Yes, we can help with that.
  • Maintain leadership excellence at every level. Ensuring that you have very clear expectations in place for each leadership role (and that they are consistently adhered to) is one of the most critical components in keeping your best talent. Wondering if you’re achieving leadership excellence? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to take you through a thoughtful assessment to find out where your leader’s strengths and opportunities may be.
  • Design for optimal productivity and quality. Does your “org chart” and work flow support your current and future goals? Are your processes and accountability structured to maximize your potential? Do your team members have a voice in how the work gets done? Single and multi-day work sessions may be just what you’re looking for to establish current and future state process improvements and clarity around roles and responsibilities (now that will get your A players excited!)
  • Be consistent in how all team members will be evaluated. Are all of your leaders managing employee performance in a way that recognizes those who go above and beyond––and holds sub-par performers accountable? Few things discourage excellence more than the perpetual tolerance of the poor performance of their peers and leaders. We have all the tools to evaluate what’s currently working (and what isn’t) and to develop coaching, training, and team programs to raise the bar . . . you might just be surprised to see how Training Shamu’s trainers and studying positive psychology have played a role in establishing a performance management system that works like a charm!
More Efficient Processes & Improved Productivity

Does it ever seem that although your company may have produced the same product or delivered the same services for decades, you’re still seeing inconsistencies in quality and production?

Are you (and your employees) frustrated with the time and effort it takes to fix what should have been done right the first time? Do the inconsistencies leave you missing out on serious revenue or even costing you in terms of overtime or penalties arising from the issues?

If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. We see it all the time and it isn’t necessarily anyone’s “fault.”

There are a number of reasons why you could be experiencing these symptoms, and a number of things that could lessen or eliminate the problem altogether.

That’s why we recommend a diagnostic approach to ensure you don’t invest time or budget into meetings, trainings, or other exercises that may only temporarily treat the symptoms. We want to help you identify the root cause and take the most efficient action to reach success.

We’re experienced in a number of methods to quickly assess the situation and identify and implement an effective course of action. Here are just a few examples:

  • Employee focus groups
  • 1:1 interviews with key leaders
  • Customer feedback
  • Process mapping
  • RASCI (or RACI) charting . . . and more

Reach out to us to set up a strategy call to determine the best approach to optimizing your quality and productivity.

Leadership Excellence at Every Level

Your leaders are the heart and soul of your organization. Their ability to set the expected tone, effectively manage employee performance, and keep employees engaged is crucial.

When your leadership team is dedicated to excellence your employees (and customers) know it. Leadership excellence can result in a variety of benefits:

  • Engaged employees who want to contribute to improved internal and external service
  • Improved client & employee retention rates
  • Enhanced innovation
  • Faster, more effective problem solving
  • Higher quality standards
  • Elevated brand perception
  • Less stress for you and the organization
  • And more . . .

We work closely with our clients to ensure leaders have the knowledge, skills and mindset needed to represent the company in the way in which it was intended.

In other words, we provide solutions that dramatically improve the performance of leaders at every level . . . from front line supervisors to senior leaders and CEOs.

Connect with us to see how you can take your leadership team to even higher standards.

Elevated Brand Image & Perceived Value

When you know you need to send just the right message to your industry, clients, or team members, we can help.

Lisa has been helping companies deliver their message in a variety of ways for more than two decades.

As a seasoned media spokesperson, facilitator, corporate trainer and content creator, she can help you design your message and content, facilitate your next work session, and even deliver on your behalf.

Some of our most requested opportunities to elevate your brand image and value include:

  • Conference or event keynote speaker
  • Industry workshops
  • Executive or team retreats
  • Media & marketing spokesperson (we’ll deliver your message on your behalf)
  • Corporate training programs (design and/or delivery)
  • Train the trainer for your organization (we’ll design your training program & train your trainers to deliver)
  • and more . . .

All programs are customized for your specific needs. Let us help you shine!

Improved Customer Experience, Brand Loyalty & Repeat Consumers

Of course we all know that marketing and acquiring new customers is more expensive than keeping the pool of customers you already have. Right. But, how do you know which steps to take to improve your customer experience and brand loyalty?

That’s where we come in. Our founder, Lisa Broesch-Weeks, has worked in the hospitality, entertainment, and service industries for nearly three decades. She’s benchmarked service excellence across the U.S. and in London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Toronto, and more. She’s been to some of the world’s best spas and resorts, attractions, high end restaurants and unique experiences–just to see what they had to offer their guests and how they do it.

And she’s utilized her expertise and education to influence and improve the guest experience in companies across the nation.

Our proprietary BrandBoost!™ system will enable your organization to deliver the highest quality customer experience at every touch point and achieve a number of benefits:

  • Improved Customer Experience & Stronger Client Relationships
  • Increased New & Repeat Business
  • Increased Consumer Confidence in Your Overall Business
  • Enhanced Positive Word of Mouth & Customer Referrals
  • Significantly Reduced Negative Word of Mouth (the value of which is priceless on social media!)
More Strategic Planning and Less "Fire Fighting"

As the leader in your organization, the responsibility of leading your organization in the right direction for the long haul falls to you.

That’s why it’s critical to ensure you have the right leaders, processes, and systems in place––so you have the time and energy to focus your efforts where you’ll gain the most long-term value.

All of our services are designed to help you get to the heart of what’s working, what isn’t, and what will help you move from short term “fire fighting” to long-term strategies and sustainable solutions.

In other words, we’re here to help you create the conditions to improve your client, leader, and employee experiences so you can focus on what really matters to you.

Greatly Reduced Stress Across the Board (starting with you!)

If there’s one consistent symptom our clients come to us to resolve, it’s STRESS.

And for good reason; our bodies and minds weren’t designed to endure stress that drags on for weeks, months, or even years! When stress becomes part of the fabric of your career and/ or organization there is no doubt that you’ll start to feel and see the negative impact on everyone entangled in the ongoing situation.

However, evidence based research tells us that eliminating the ongoing stress and actively engaging in activities and events that feel purposeful and enjoyable can elevate our general well-being. At work and at home.

And when we feel better we do better. Just some of the benefits of reducing stress and introducing more meaning and fun (yes, even in business) into your work include:

  • Less burnout:
    when we’re less stressed we literally feel better
  • Reduced employee & leader turnover: studies show the majority of people who leave jobs do so because they don’t like the people or the culture
  • Improved communication: when less stressed we tend to communicate more effectively
  • Fewer conflicts: when we’re free of conflict we can direct our to quality, delivery and productivity
  • Improved project coordination: which is key to reducing errors and “rework” and maintaining excellence in all areas
  • Better quality: of services and products
  • Increased customer satisfaction: happy people tend to treat customers better which creates happier customers
  • Solve more problems and think more creatively: which enables innovation, growth, and an advantage over your competitors
  • Lead teams more effectively: resulting in improved culture and employee engagement and results

So as you can see, reducing stress in your career and in your organization isn’t just a nice idea. It’s a strategic approach to improving just about every component of your professional life. And because business is personal, we’re willing to bet you’ll improve your personal life too.

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“Lisa Broesch is a true professional with extraordinary insight! She assisted me in navigating through a significant career change by providing an objective outlet during my transition. Lisa excels at listening and connecting the dots. . . she is a caring and knowledgeable professional who is focused on getting results. She helped me rediscover my true self and guided me in developing a clear and pragmatic strategy for realizing my vision of the future! Her continued optimism during these challenging economic times released me from fear and gave me the confidence to move forward and create my own future.”

– Lynn Katz, President UCF Town & Gown Council

Did you know that research proves (beyond a doubt) that happy people are more successful in ALL areas of life . . . perhaps especially in business?

That’s why Lisa has dedicated herself to providing business solutions that incorporate a holistic, practical approach. After all, what good is a solution unless you and your team can keep up the demands and the pace for the long haul?

Combining decades of experience and more than three-hundred hours in positive psychology study and certification, we’ve cracked the code to helping leaders create the conditions to engage team members and achieve greater success.