About Lisa Broesch-Weeks

Founder & CEO,
Actualize Consulting Group & InBliss Coaching

For more than a dozen years, Actualize Consulting Group has worked with individuals and organizations in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, technology, entertainment, banking, and insurance to create the conditions for accelerated improvements in quality, productivity, and employee and customer retention.

By the time I founded Actualize Consulting Group in 2006, I had already invested more than half my life in my twenty-year career with the Anheuser-Busch Entertainment corporation. The experience and insight gained from working in such a large organization, with a broad span of oversight, gave me the foundation for building Actualize.

During my many years with the Anheuser-Busch Entertainment Corporation, I had the opportunity to hold many positions including stage performer, front line manager, coach, trainer, media spokesperson, corporate liaison, and ultimately director of entertainment strategic planning, communications and creative development.

In my executive role I partnered with co-executives to develop strategic plans to create and implement events and experiences to attract and maintain consistent growth and repeat visits. This role also allowed me the opportunity to oversee multiple teams and direct reports, and to ensure solid processes were implemented to deliver on corporate objectives.

Effective communication within and across departments, with sister companies, and up to the corporate team was critical. And leading through influence, collaboration, and strategic inclusion became the super skills that allowed us to set multiple records in terms of quality, service, and repeat customers.

During that same time, I also had the honor of co-creating the Busch Entertainment World-Class Service program, after traveling to some of the world’s best locations for service excellence (including London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Toronto) to benchmark industry standards. In this role I trained hundreds of employees, in nine theme parks (from frontline employee to senior leaders and the CEO), how to quickly build rapport and engagement while delivering on the brand promise.

My personal experience as an executive, and the insight since gained by working closely with countless leaders and industries, also highlighted the need to incorporate more ways to help leaders and business owners to build their personal & professional strength and sustainability so that they are able to flourish in all areas of their lives, for the long haul.

In addition to the corporate experience, I hold multiple coaching certifications, a certificate in applied positive psychology (the scientific study of human flourishing), and am best-selling author of the book Practical Bliss: The busy person’s guide to happiness. This book now serves as the foundation for helping successful business people (like you) build sustainable success by adding more meaning and engagement to all areas of life.

Our main goal is to help you create organizations where people love to work . . . where potential is activated, and outstanding results are consistently achieved.

I invite you to take a look around the site to learn more about our options, and reach out to us to talk about solutions for your specific scenario.

Some of our most requested methodologies include:


  • SHRM Recertification Provider, 2019
  • Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (the scientific study of human flourishing) 300+ credit hours, 2016
  • Certified Coach for Personal Development, 200+ credit hours, 2006
  • Certified Group Coach, 200+ credit hours, 2007
  • Certified Coach for Career & Professional Development 150+ credit hours, 2007
  • Graduate of the Million Dollar Consulting College, 2009
Training Shamu’s trainers showed me that when you lead through influence you can accomplish most anything (circa 1994).


Lisa Broesch-Weeks’ twenty-five years “in the trenches” took her from Fortune 500 corporate executive to entrepreneur.
Director of Entertainment Strategy, Communications, and Creative Development, Anheuser-Busch Entertainment Corporation
1987 to 2007
Organizational Development Consultant and Executive Coach
2006 to Present
Personal Development Coach
2006 to Present
Business Coach for Entrepreneurs
2017 to Present
Lisa’s best-selling book uses scientific research to illustrate how even the busiest of people will benefit (perhaps especially in business) by adding more purpose, engagement and pleasure into their everyday life.